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1 Before After Bridge Script customized to YOUR Targeted Persona

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Before-After-Bridge (or) BAB, is a copywriting technique that revolves around the basic idea of getting someone from a bad place to a better place with your help. It is designed to make your product/service appeal to the wants and needs of your reader and compel them to take the necessary action. BAB helps you portray the advantages and benefits of your product, which helps you write benefit-focused copies.

As the name suggests, it has three parts:

Part 1: Before – The Bleak Picture:
First, you start off by telling the reader how relevant pain points are affecting their current situation. Paint a bleak picture of their current world so that the reader can realize the problems that they are facing.

Part 2: After – The Promised Land:
Next, tell them how their world would be if these problems didn’t exist – The Promised Land. You need to help them see the difference between the two worlds, explain to them what benefits they will be reaping from this world.

Part 3: Bridge – The Yellow Brick Road:
At the end, provide them with a path; a solution to help the reader move from Before to After. A bridge between two worlds or you could even say, a path to a better place, like The Yellow Brick Road. Your product/service acts as the Bridge that will guide them.

This BAB is specifically geared to speak directly to YOUR Targeted Persona, pressing their main pain points, leaning on their desires and aspirations and getting them to want to take action now.



400 – 750 words (to long for an example here)




Deliverable – 1 Before After Bridge Script customized to YOUR Targeted Persona

Prerequisite – Targeted Persona (Basic)


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