Great Big Promise Script


1 Before After Bridge Script customized to YOUR Targeted Persona

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If you want to sell more products or services you have to define one key thing: Your service or product’s Big Promise.

This big promise is the key result that your product or service gives your customer.  It’s the main thing it does for them.  It is the result they are after.

If you understand your Targeted Persona, you will have identified what result they are looking for.  But you have to understand how tot structure that into a highly effective sales message which can be summarized in short statement.

This script will allow you to record that Big Promise in a way that speaks directly to your Targeted Persona in a way that clearly demonstrates that you know exactly what they need and want.



400 – 750 words (to long for an example here)




Deliverable – 1 Big Promise Script customized to YOUR Targeted Persona

Prerequisite – Targeted Persona (Basic)


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