Mastermind / Masterclass Title Scripts – Keyword Specific


500+ Custom Course/Mastermind/Book/Video Titles

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Price for all : $695.00


Difficulty coming up with a title for a class, a course, or a book that will resonate with your specific Targeted Persona?

We have you covered.  You get more suggestions for titles using key words that specifically speak to YOUR targeted persona than you ever thought you could find anywhere.

These aren’t just canned titles that anyone can Google or download.  These are CUSTOM titles specifically geared for YOUR product/service and YOUR Targeted Persona.



  1. Achieve The Financial Freedom To Enjoy More Of Life’s Pleasures byGetting More Online Sales
  2. Getting More Online Sales and Turning More Website Visitors Into Buyers Strategies For Online Markers




Deliverable – 500+ Custom Course/Mastermind/Book/Video Titles

Prerequisite – Targeted Persona (Basic)


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