Persona Based Content Bundle – Lite


3 Targeted Persona Basic Creation Reports with 395 Ad Scripts, 205 Email Scripts, 3 Sales Letter Scripts and 478 Headline & Title Scripts Guaranteed to Emotionally Resonate and Convert More Of Your Prospects Into Paying Customers Convert Prospects Into Paying Customers. (879 Total Scripts)


This bundle starts by identifying your Targeted Persona. We then uses that information to deliver the key Sales Funnel Copy you need (see list below) in order to emotionally, psychologically, and subconsciously connect with your prospective customer through each phase of the sales and awareness funnel resulting in an almost unimaginable level of conversions from prospect to paying customer.

Imagine, your perfect customer seeing your ad on Facebook or Google and instantly being attracted to it as it subconsciously grabs their attention and literally makes them stop scrolling.

They can’t stop themselves from reading the ad even if they wanted to because its hitting every hot button they have.  Even better, they’re curiosity can’t resist clicking on the ad to learn more, to satiate their underlying need to go to take the next step.

Now that you have their attention and they’ve landed on your sales page, the headlines capture their interest as if they where being hypnotized without their knowledge.  Each sentence, each paragraph keeps them wanting, needing to read on to the next one and the next one after that.

The copy on the landing page, the sales page, the opt-in page speaks to their psyche at an emotional level.  People make the decision to purchase because of emotion and then justify it based on logic.  The sales copy on your page, the exact same copy they’re reading, connects with your prospect, your future customer in the very manner that they need, that they must have in order to make that critical buying decision and actually pull out their credit card.

For those who don’t complete the purchase and aren’t ready to buy just yet, you’ll have an email sequence that’ll capture their attention and get them to open the email.  Because some people require multiple touch points until they are ready to finally pull the trigger, they’ll continue to get five emails that hit home, that presses their buttons (in a good way), that speaks to them and creates a desire they get only from a top notch, veteran marketer like you.

The copy in this bundle has been proven over and over again in nearly every industry and niche to perform like magic.  These are the same formulas, the same methods, the same frameworks used by top marketers.  Now you can have them for a fraction of the price they pay and at a 47% discount from what you’d pay if you purchased them individually.

Best of all, you get a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or we’ll give your money back to you with no hassle.

Purchase this bundle now to get 47% off the individual price.

What’s Included:

Note: Prices shown below are what you’d pay if you purchased each one separately.

If Purchased Together You pay only: $1,997

Total (Actual) Value: $3,780

Here’s what you’re going to receive –

Targeted Persona

Targeted Persona Basic – Done For You ($497)

Advertising Scripts

Facebook Newsfeed Ad Copy Scripts ($99)

PPC Ad Scripts ($99)

Stealth Close Scripts ($99)

Email Scripts

Email Subject Line Scripts ($99)

Product Launch Email Script ($99)

Sales Letter Scripts

Short Form Sales Letter Script ($497)

Long Form Sales Letter Script ($997)

3rd Party Story Sales Letter Script ($997)

Headline, Title Scripts

Core Headlines ($99)

Million Dollar Sales Headline Scripts ($99)

Timeless Classic Headline Scripts ($99)



Deliverable – You get everything listed in the “What’s Included” tab. (879 Total Scripts)

Prerequisite –

  1. You must have an offer (a product or a service) about which you can answer some basic questions.
  2. You must submit the answers to those questions as fully and accurately as possible.

Notes –

  1. After you place your order, we’ll send you a list of questions about your offer.
  2. After we send you the outputs, you may request 1 additional complimentary rewrite if needed.
  3. After 1 additional complimentary rewrite, if you still want us to rewrite your Targeted Persona or any of the Sales Funnel Copy, you’ll be charged our hourly agency rate of $99 per hour for revisions.
  4. If you are dissatisfied with your copy after our writers have made the initial complimentary round of revisions and do not want to pay for additional rounds, you may notify our team within 2 days of our completing the complimentary round and we’ll provide a full refund for your purchase.
  5. We typically take as much as 4-7 calendar days (from when we get your answers) to complete a bundle order.
  6. Bundle orders are not eligible for rapid turn around due to the volume of work involved.

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