Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts


65 Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts customized to YOUR Targeted Persona

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Never run out of ideas for emails you can write as the attractive character. Or, better yet, HIRE someone to write the content FOR you based on these proven ideas.

The benefit of the Seinfeld Email Sequence is that it creates and maintains a connection between you and your customers and prospects.  Buyers buy from people they know, like and trust.  The Seinfeld sequence was named after the popular TV show because it’s used to establish report and familiarity between you and your customers, making it easier for them to know, like and trust you.



Tip Content Ideas: What is your #1 time-saving tip for getting more online sales?

Problem Content Ideas: What are the most common online sales funnel copy problems online markers face?

What Would You Do Content Ideas: You have $100 to spend on online sales funnel copy, what do you do?

Myth/ Misconception Content Ideas: What online sales funnel copy advice would you give to a new online marker?




Deliverable – 65 Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts customized to YOUR Targeted Persona

6 Tip Content Ideas

5 Problem Content Ideas
3 Question Content Ideas
4 Mistake Content Ideas
8 Trend Content Ideas
3 Result Content Ideas
5 What Would You Do Content Ideas
5 Starting/ Starting Over Content Ideas
12 Recommendation Content Ideas
2 Social Media Content Ideas
4 Myth/ Misconception Content Ideas
7 Other Content Ideas

Prerequisite – Targeted Persona (Basic)


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